Gender fluid jewellery

Genderless Gems – Welcoming An Era Of Gender Fluid Jewellery

What is gender fluid jewellery?

The face of fashion is changing. Recent years have seen a subtle yet significant shift in terms of shaping the gender fluid jewellery trend into something more permanent. With a reformed attitude towards gender inclusivity, this new era in the world of jewellery designing is a welcome change. Eliminating the rigidity that comes with gender, the jewellery designing process has evolved to mirror the fluidity of the world around us. 

Following the deviation in fashion that champions diversity and androgyny, defining the sex of an accessory is thrust upon individuals rather than designers. Shoppers that identify themselves as male, female and non-binary can benefit from a far more creative offering of unisex jewellery. People are more accepting and expressive of who they are. This has led to an influx of customers that crossover the stereotypes like men purchasing charm bracelets and women opting for chunkier chains. Being a medium of self-expression, gender-fluid jewellery designs defy the concepts of specific ideas, labels, culture, class or gender. If gender is fluid, then so is fashion!

Jewellery is fundamentally a creative creation of metals and gemstones, and hence inherently genderless. Gender based marketing is a traditional approach to targeting customers and acquiring business (think pink for girls and blue for boys). However, the recent trend indicates a need to shake up our ideas. Taking a cue, many brands have started offering revised design sensibilities, blending the masculine with the feminine. In the past, opting for gender-neutral jewellery would mean settling for plain and basic designs but that is clearly not the case anymore. Gender-fluid pieces of the new-age are adorned, embellished and infused with personality. By normalising the differences and celebrating them, we can promote inclusivity in an industry that can be heavily gender biased. Although the fashion industry has come a long way, there is so much we need to do and so much we need to achieve. Gender is a social construct  that dictates rigid structures of expression, while gender fluidity defines a way of life.   

The need of the hour is to tap into the Instagram-influenced, clout-hunting generation searching for versatility and personalisation.The buying decision of this segment of the audience isn’t purely based on price, but also on the differentiating factor of the brand and their offerings. Gender-fluidity is beyond just pieces of jewellery; it is gaining traction worthy of a movement whose expression is aided by fashion as a medium. By promoting the gender-neutral jewellery trend, you can help consumers in making a statement on inclusivity and dissolving biases. The notion of unisex tends to mean that the collection is more oriented towards the male consumer. But gender-neutral jewellery does not mean creating a range catering to men or a range that is inclined towards masculine styles, but it means designing jewellery articles without gender in mind at all. Designing jewellery differently for men and women defeats the purpose of this trend. 

The only meaning of jewellery is what we bring to it.

As more designers embrace the opportunity to design gender-neutral pieces, we aim to adopt and adapt to the change. Our gender-neutral jewellery is created with an aesthetic that blurs the lines between women’s wear and menswear. This collection delves into gender-neutral silhouettes handcrafted with 18ct gold plating on 925 Sterling silver that is adorned with a ‘Brinda’ logo. These pieces feature contemporary designs rich with  geometric hints and liquid fluidity that are ideal for stacking.

To learn more about gender-neutral jewellery, watch this video where a panel of high-esteemed guests from various backgrounds discuss the rise of this trend and its impact on the fashion industry.

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