random facts that will blow your mind

10 Random Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you’re gearing up for trivia night or are just a curious person, here are some totally random facts that will blow your mind

Random facts that will blow your mind

1. Snow

Have you ever wondered how a hush falls over the landscape and how peaceful the world seems after a flurry? Well, there is science behind the silence. A fresh blanket of snow absorbs sound waves, giving everything a seemingly quieter ambience. The reason for snow’s muting effect is the porous structure of its composing snowflakes. A few inches of snow can create a noise muffling membrane that absorbs surrounding sounds and creates a quieting effect. 

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Landscape covered in snow

2. Gold

One of the most precious metals – gold is desirable, durable and malleable. Around half of the total amount of gold mined is used for jewellery. Purity of gold is dictated by a unit of measurement called Karat. Gold is measured in 24ths –  meaning a 24K piece of gold jewellery is 100% pure gold. It is measured in 24ths so a 24k piece of jewellery is actually 100% pure gold while 18k is 75% pure. 

KaratsParts by Gold% Purity
Gold Purity Chart

3. Royals

We all have heard of a few tales about strange monarchs who relished cruelty, vanity and insanity and became renowned for their eccentricities. The infamous Persian King Agha Mohammad Khan once ordered the execution of two servants for being too loud. However, since it was a holy day, the execution was postponed to the following day and the servants were instructed to resume their duties. They murdered the king that night while he slept.

Painting of the Persian King

4. Bulls

Bulls exemplify great power, strength, bravery and passion. A symbol of the Taurus zodiac sign, bulls are the male-counterpart of cows. The old adage that the colour red rages the bull is false – they are colour-blind. The movement of the waving flag / cape is what elicits the charged response. Did you know that bulls have a very large stomach with four compartments and can consume as much as 13-15 kg. of fodder daily.

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Bull in its full glory

5. Goddess Laxmi

Goddess Laxmi is very important and significant in Hindu mythology. Goddess Laxmi’s image in artworks and sculptures is draped in a red sari, adorned with gold ornaments, seated on a blooming lotus flanked by white elephants. She is a symbol of fortune, power, luxury, wealth, fertility, prosperity and good luck. She is described as restless and whimsical, yet maternal. Her raised arms signify granting of blessings and her four hands represent the four goals of the Hindu way of life. The cascade of coins represents wealth, the elephants represent the regal power and the lotus represents purity, divinity and enlightenment.

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Goddess Laxmi

6. Gemstones

Gemstones are crystallized minerals, rocks or organic materials valued for their rarity and beauty. The hardest gemstone known to mankind is Diamond – as the saying goes correctly, ‘only a diamond can cut a diamond’. On the other hand, Amber is the softest gemstone. It is so light that it floats on salt water. Baltic amber is the strongest type of amber which is mainly used in jewellery. 

Amber gemstone

7. Perfume

We all know that humans love fragrances but did you know that big cats like tigers and jaguars are attracted to Calvin Klein’s Obsession perfume. Experts deduced that this fragrance contains a pheromone called civetone derived from the scent glands of a feline mammal called the civet. The fragrance was used in the state of Maharashtra situated in India to catch a reported rampant tiger.

Feline Cat

8. Pyramids

The pyramids of Egypt are the oldest marvels of engineering and a testimonial of human intelligence. The famous Great Pyramid of Giza built between 2500 – 4000 BC was constructed with sophisticated knowledge of architecture and astronomy to align them with the constellations to an accuracy of around 0.05 degrees. The Great Pyramid of Giza points very precisely to the north. The Egyptian pyramids were built solely on the western region of river Nile as it was associated with the land of the dead. These pyramids were encased in polished limestone casing at the time of their construction which caused them to shine like diamonds when sun rays struck the casing. Ancient Egyptians also fixed traps and inscribed curses on the tombs to keep away the robbers from stealing the treasure.

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Egyptian Pyramid

9. Sea-creatures

The only animal with an extraordinary ability to regenerate itself is the marine sponge. Scientists have experimented by grinding a sea-sponge through a sieve into salt water and found that it rearranged itself back into a sponge. Watch a video to see this in action. 

Marine Sponge

10. Virus

Viruses are tiny curious tag-alongs that are not alive. They do not have cells, they cannot turn food into energy, and without a host they are just inert packets of chemicals. Due to their simple structure, viruses are unable to reproduce without the help of a host cell. Once they hook onto a host, they spread at astonishingly rapid pace and spread infection to other cells. 

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