COVID - Corona Virus Pandemic

Reviving From The Pandemic , Re-engaging With Life

Life – as we knew it, changed dramatically with one piece of information that struck like a bolt from the blue. 

All the mundane privileges that we took for granted suddenly were revoked and life seemed to come to a standstill. Everyday activities shifted from daily commutes to the office, impromptu meets and greets with friends, drinks at the pub, gym sessions, handshakes and hugs to compulsive news watching and hours spent racking our brains to interpret complex graphs. 

After months of living life with social distancing, work-from-home lifestyle, indoor confinement and travel bans there are signs of life returning to the ‘new-normal’. We have all learnt to cope with this pandemic in our own ways but now we face the biggest challenge of determining the best way into transitioning back to a life that resembles normality with a slowed down rhythm and trying to pursue our dreams against the backdrop of a looming crisis.

In order to escape the usual sped-up pace of life, it is crucial to de-accelerate and re-engage with life differently.

Listening to your body

The trouble with current times is that it is easier to tune out than to tune in. We have been conditioned to ignore what our bodies are telling us and trust ‘the numbers’. Our body is constantly rewiring itself and sending us messages. We must learn to be willing to honour our body’s deep wisdom and act accordingly. Tuning back into your body is an ongoing process and a practise that needs to be perfected with time. We are on the precipice of emerging into life after(with) COVID with high pressure for reinventions, reassessments and renewed promises. It is time to rekindle our flow. 

Establishing and maintaining a routine

A healthy lifestyle is all about finding a balance. Routine and structure help maintain a sense of calm and order in times when apprehensions are riding high. Doing regular activities in familiar settings helps overcome anxiety. Maintaining a daily routine also helps individuals achieve a sense of stability and settle into a healthy, encouraging and affirming lifestyle. It is important to establish simple and flexible routines that allow you to adjust and plan your tasks to make your day productive and fulfilling. 

Doing what you love

Doing things that we love is an integral part of moulding ourselves into well-rounded individuals. Pursuing our hobbies has a serious impact on our personal development by imparting us with invaluable skills and knowledge. We can transform general activities that we love being involved in into full-fledged hobbies by devoting our time, attention and commitment to it. Hobbies can morph into passion that makes us tick and boost our standard of  living. 

Jazzing up your living space

With the new setting of ‘work-from-home’, our living space is where we spend most of our time and can have a huge impact on our mental and emotional state. Add new elements, add freshness with plants or simply move furniture around to instantly refresh and elevate your surroundings. Cluttered spaces are a hindrance to clear mind space and thought process. Decluttering is therapeutic and allows you to focus on things that you love. Why not spruce up your living space with a myriad of stunning colours, uncanny shapes, reverberating textures and splendid accent pieces from our Home & Living collection?

Working hours vs Leisure hours

With large swathes of the world population working from home, the line between work and leisure can be easily blurred. Long hours of work and pressure to adapt to a new way of life can cause burnout. It is crucial to establish a clear boundary between work and leisure times. Since you are your own personal manager, plan your day to optimise productivity when you are most energetic and break up your day to enhance efficiency. Achieve a balanced work-personal life regime for a happy and healthy life. 

In the near term, we’ll probably find awkward compromises that allow us to retain some semblance of a social life. The current moment offers a unique opportunity to push back against the cult of speed and to continue life in this slower, more meaningful form.

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