Our Story

Our story is unique.

Brinda is a portal of discovery – showcasing what timeless living could be with sustainability at its heart. With a passion and flair for authentic, thoughtfully curated designs, our jewellery caters to uplifting your everyday style. 

We create with an instinct to preserve. Our brand celebrates true connoisseurship by emulsifying craft, creativity and artistic collaborations. Our goal is to redefine luxury by merging our love for exemplary design with exceptional craftsmanship to create something that has a perfect blend of ethical origins and aesthetic appeal.

Afterall, we are what we are made of…

At Brinda, we are creating a sustainable way of luxurious living. This is at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re a company that believes in culture as much as commerce. We believe that journeys are usually as worthy as destinations.

At Brinda, each design has a story and each story takes you on a journey. We stay connected to the grandeur through the inspiration of our stories we tell through our product and through a community

Our Values

We aim to mitigate the adverse environmental effects of our operational structure as much as is feasible and promote sustainability within the business by designing items that are lasting, ethically sourcing nature’s best materials, focusing on a craft oriented production and reducing waste throughout the chain. 

Our brand was born out of a collective motive to cater to the requirement of sustainable luxury jewellery with an attempt to provide opportunities to support livelihoods and skill development.

We create products with a persevering approach to deliver only the best. Quality is always at the heart and versatility is the goal. You will find a refined assortment of choices that complement your unique taste and personality. Our brand promises to deliver modern heirlooms that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Shifting trends to touch the soul instead of just the body, we believe that life is interconnected. Beauty is beyond vanity. We dedicate the economic value and ownership of our creations to the communities they originate from.

We, at Brinda, know the importance of taking care of those closest to you – how we work with and treat our partners and our employees matters. We recognise and respect the expansive spectrum of legal, social and cultural environments in which we operate worldwide. We are committed towards striving to personally uplift our crew and collaborators.

Perpetually on the hunt for exquisite design treasures, we cultivate an edited mix of refined jewellery that suit all and sundry.

Kindness for all

Starting from seed up, every product of Brinda is a labour of love – love for the planet, love for living beings, love for authentic design. This helps artisans. This helps factory workers. This helps animals. This helps you and me too. Our brand is an embodiment of a belief that an object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it has been made. Dedicated to sustainable innovation and lasting beauty, we treat all environments conscientiously. Beauty is a reflection of an object’s integrity.

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