conscious shopping

Conscious Shopping

Less is more

We have seen the term “conscious shopping” being thrown around a lot lately, but what does it truly mean to be a conscious shopper? With mindful purchasing of goods, we can facilitate a greener future for future generations yet to come. Sustainable shopping should satisfy the practical, financial and emotional state of mind and being.

1. Needs > Wants

Every time you pass by a store with a picturesque ambience and striking low prices enticing you to shop from them, ask yourself a question: Do I really really need it? 

Let me answer it for you- you don’t. Main goal of fast fashion retailers is to attract a crowd with their cheap prices and make you shop till you drop. We all know that the quality is not good enough but we get caught in their marketing schemes. Instead, try shopping from shops which source their raw material sustainably so as to get more usage out of it; making it your money’s worth. Start practicing clean greed-free shopping by compartmentalizing your needs and wants. 

2. Thrifting

Thrifting is hands down the most affordable and fun way to shop without adding fuel to the carbon-footprint fire! I recommend devoting an entire day to go and visit thrift stores nearby which fit your fashion aesthetic. There’s something about buying vintage pieces which gives you a sense of identity and authenticity. Vintage shopping is easily accessible and budget-friendly. Yes, there might be minor issues with the fitting but isn’t it more affordable to get it repaired according to your liking instead of buying a brand-new piece altogether? Living frugally is the way to go! 

3. Versatility

Be creative in using one piece of clothing to put together multiple outfits. A statement piece paired with a basic white tee will amp up your look. Don’t be after to mix and match patterns, styles and colors. Use each and every item in your closet to it’s fullest potential, shamelessly. Having a capsule wardrobe will help you start your journey on the path of minimalism.

4. Invest in basics

We have heard about quality over quantity so now is the time to put it to use. The most used clothing in your wardrobe are the basics. While buying basics, I make sure to invest money in them. Cheap clothes don’t last you long and if it’s something like an everyday wear t-shirt then you have to go for the one with the best quality irrespective of the price. Don’t neglect the quality and buy cheap basics because there’s not much effort put in making them compared to statement pieces. Instead of buying the same cheap quality t-shirt every few months, buy one which will last you for years. Buy less, choose well; they will last you longer.

5. Conscious shopping of clothing

Give more attention and love to your clothes while washing them; the Earth will thank you too. Wash less, recycle and repeat. It’s the small things which make a piece of clothing last longer. Avoid washing clothes at a high temperature, stray away from dry cleaning as much as you can and save money on electricity! 

6. Organic products

While shopping for skincare or cosmetics, always pay attention to the symbols provided on the packaging. Look for signs which mention that the product you will be buying is cruelty-free, organic and vegan. Even while buying clothes, always opt for organically sourced cotton and other natural fibres instead of polyester or synthetic fibres.

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Watch this video to get easy tips on conscious shopping.

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