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Make 2022 The Best Year Ever!

We are all ready to put 2021 behind us and kickstart the new year. To help you on your quest to a happier and wiser you, we have compiled a list of 10 Best New Year Resolution Ideas for 2022. We like to take small and steady steps because, eventually, the only resolutions that matter are the ones that we keep. 

Here’s how you  can make sure the new year is exponentially better and brighter.

1. Read More Books

Reading is one of the best ways to grow as a person. A consistent habit of reading contributes to our mental and physical well-being. The benefits of reading last a lifetime. If you’re not an avid reader, start by setting a realistic goal such as to read 1 book per month.

2. Focus on Self-Care

The most important relationship is the one you have with your own self. By making time for a self-care routine, you can build a healthy relationship with yourself and transmit the good feelings to those around you. Schedule time-off for yourself into your calendar or agenda and use this time to pamper yourself. Engage in mindful activities or simply do something you enjoy.

3. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a very powerful emotion and can be a life-changing practice. No matter where you are in life, you are bound to have something you are thankful for. You can commit to making gratitude a part of your everyday routine by simple acts like noticing the beauty in nature, smiling more often, calling your loved ones to tell them you love them, volunteering towards a noble cause or simply being thankful for something you learnt.

4. Establish Work-Life Balance

With working from home becoming a norm, it might get challenging to define a life between work and personal life. If you’re feeling stressed and burnt out, make time for yourself by truly disconnecting from work every once in a while or go on a much-needed holiday. Build transitions in and out of work by establishing a signal at the beginning and end of your work-day to serve as a buffer and give your brain some time to prepare for the day and decompress after.

5. Invest in Self-Education

Learning is essential to our existence. The best form of investment is in yourself. Continuous learning translates into fostering lifelong skills, new-found confidence, boosts professional profile and prepares you for the unexpected. By exploiting the resources available at your fingertips via the internet, taking courses and lessons can help you advance your career and or branch off into a new side hustle.

6. Social-Media Detox

By putting social media on hold once (or a couple times) a week, you can regain your precious time and devote it towards your self-improvement. Taking a break from social media and focusing on yourself will help build-up your self-esteem, reduce your anxiety levels, conquer your FOMO, appreciate life and its moments more and reconnect with the people around you.

7. Maintain a Journal

The new year is the best time to start a journal. Writing a journal allows us to craft, identify and solidify our sense of self. It helps us to discover our authentic self by allowing us to reflect on our experiences. Your journal is the best place to let go of all of your mental clutter. If you are just starting, you may find it easier to reflect on journal prompts instead of free writing.

8. Monetize your Hobby

It is easy and ideal to make money out of something you really enjoy doing . Pursue your financial independence this year and turn your hobby into a business or a side gig. There’s always a room for talented people and innovative products.

9. Eat Healthy

When we eat well, we benefit in several ways – we have more energy, sleep better and demonstrate better levels of concentration. Resolve to stay healthy this year by incorporating more greens and fruits into your diet, replace processed foods with whole foods, drinking lots of water and maintaining a balanced diet. Make eating healthy fun by trying out new recipes and sharing with your loved ones.

10. Share Your Gifts With The World

Sharing your talents and privileges with the community creates a sense of integrity, belonging and trust among fellow humans. We all have unique talents that we can share with the world. Sharing not only is enjoyable but also is proven to make you  healthier and live longer. The virtue of sharing can help fight issues like over-consumption, reduces environmental effect and helps beat loneliness.

Best year ever!

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