best indoor plants

Best Indoor Plants With Low-Maintenance

best indoor plants

With the current strange times, new norm of remote working and things set to stay this way for a while, we are all striving to find some inner zen. There is no better time than now to bring the outside in and build your own domestic jungle with the best indoor plants. 

House plants not only uplift the aesthetics of your surroundings but also provide a host of benefits like improved air quality, improved mood, controlled anxiety, reduced stress levels, greater productivity and longer attention span. 

If you are a newbie in the world of flora-parenthood and are intimidated with the versions and varieties, now is the time to think green. We have rounded up a selection of five of the best indoor plants that are and easiest-to-care-for. 

1. Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)

These are fantastic trailing plants that perform well with little attention. They prefer to live in-direct light conditions and require liberal watering in spring and summer. Ideal for first time plant carers, this plant is happy to grow in any direction – it will hang or climb.

2. Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

These spiky beauties have a bold character and portray a striking silhouette. They are popular for a reason: these are incredibly tough plants, extremely hands off and easy to look after. They do not urge for a ton of sunlight but can handle quite a bit. They do not require a strenuous watering routine and like to get really dry in between watering sessions.

3. Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

Jade plant stores water in its thick, plump leaves so it can often go for weeks without watering. These plants are very forgiving and do not demand a rigorous watering schedule. These can happily survive when watered at the feel of dry soil and receive enough indirect sunlight.

4. Chinese Evergreen Plant (Aglaonema)

Spruce up your indoors with this plant with pretty-painted leaves. These plants require minimal effort to keep them happy. Indirect sunlight and regular watering sessions (judge with the dry feel of the soil) are necessary for them to thrive.

5. Prayer Plant (Maranta Leuconeura)

These beautiful plants derive their name from their unique characteristic – their leaves stay flat during the day and then fold up like praying hands at night. These plants boast of being one of the most strikingly beautiful and colourful leaves. The plant is generally tolerant of low light conditions and prefers indirect sunlight. These can survive in humid settings like bathrooms and once a week watering regime.

These houseplants are easiest to care for without the need of having a green thumb. They will make your environment cleaner, greener and happier. If you are curious to know how to grow your own herbs, read our blog offering top tips and tricks.

Watch this video to get tips on how to lift your interiors by complementing your indoor plants with accentuating décor.

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